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The Drug Education Council had its beginnings in 1967 when a group of civic leaders and professionals founded the Southwest Alabama Council on Alcoholism, dedicated to the rehabilitation of people suffering from the disease of alcoholism.  In 1979, the agency began addressing the need for the prevention of misuse of alcohol and other drugs, and its treatment program was transferred to the Salvation Army.  The agency then merged with the Bay Area Regional Council on Alcoholism, and by 1981, began providing education and prevention programs in Mobile, Baldwin, Washington, and Clarke counties.  In 1986, the name of the agency was officially changed to the Drug Education Council, Inc.  In 1995, the Drug Education Council acquired the assets of the Mobile Bay Area Partnership for Youth, further strengthening its position as the local leader in the delivery of drug education, prevention, and intervention services.


While our mission remains the same, we have expanded the scope of our activities to allow us to reach an even greater cross-section of the community.

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