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Josephine Dix Award
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Josephine Carlotta Horton (Jo) Dix was born in Mobile, Alabama in 1907. After graduating from Barton Academy, she attended LSU and then studied medicine in New York. In 1929 she returned to Mobile and took a job at the Mobile Infirmary.


In the early 1930’s she fell in love with and married Oliver Dix.  They had two daughters, Joan Smith and Suzanne Cleveland.   


In 1951 Jo started on the road to recovery.  She spent a lot of time at the AA General Service Office in New York with Bill W. and many other people who influenced the early years of Alcoholics Anonymous.


For many years, Jo worked for Christ Episcopal Church in downtown Mobile. In 1966, she was on the founding committee of what is now called the Drug Education Council. They opened the first residential program in south Alabama to treat alcoholism and other drug addictions. Through her work at the Council, Jo helped countless individuals and families suffering from addiction, and continued to support recovery efforts until her death in 1994.

Each year at the Gulf Coast Conference on Addiction and Recovery, the Josephine Dix Award is presented by the DEC to honor someone who has made significant contributions to the field of addiction treatment and recovery. Recipients of this award have demonstrated their commitment and passion for helping people find help and hope, and represent the spirit of the work that Jo Dix did in her remarkable life.

2022 Josephine Dix Award Winner

Glenn D. “Skip” Archer, Ed.D.


We are honored to present the 2022 Josephine H. Dix Award to Glenn D. "Skip" Archer, Ed.D.

Dr. Archer earned his Master’s in Religious Education in 1979 and was ordained to ministry in 1979 in The First Baptist Church, Longview, Texas. He earned his Doctor of Education degree in Educational Foundations in 1983 from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. In January 1984 he began his profession and ministry at The Carpenter’s House, PC. He became the director of The Carpenter’s House, PC in 1986. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Since the beginning of the Master’s program of Marriage and Family Counseling at the University of Mobile in the 1980’s, Dr. Archer regularly taught as an adjunct professor. He has also taught many seminars and classes on a wide variety of professional and other topics. Over the years he has also served on the Boards of many local and state organizations

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