TADAA 2020

Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse Awareness


TADAA -- Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse Awareness is a one-day workshop designed to empower high school students to take an active role in keeping their school campus and community alcohol and drug abuse free.


Mobile and Baldwin County high schools are invited to select two seniors, two juniors, two sophomores, and two freshmen, along with one faculty member to attend this day of education and awareness. Presentations during the day will enable participants to develop an effective and unique plan to end alcohol and drug abuse on their school campus.

TADAA 2020 was held on January 23rd at the Gulf Quest Museum, with over150 student and faculty participants from 23 schools
across Mobile and Baldwin Counties. In addition to the workshop presentations by former NFL player Steve Fitzhugh, students enjoyed having the opportunity to hear from Coast Guard representatives about the role of the Coast Guard in drug interdiction and prevention and to tour the MANOWAR ship. 

For more information: Jane Bartlett Pappas jbpappas@drugeducation.org

Thank you to our 2020 sponsors:

         ABC Board  and  Pulmonary Associates