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Eric Schmidt is the CEO of New Roads Behavioral Health, a successful behavioral health care organization. He has worked in the behavioral health and substance abuse field for the past 32 years, performing in key executive level positions since in mid-1990’s. He has been a CEO since 2006.

Eric received his Bachelors in Science in Psychology from Colorado State University. He boasts both a Masters of Science in Social Work, which he received from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Masters of Business Administration from University of Phoenix Santa Fe.

In addition to his business and administrative acumen, Eric is a Licensed Mental Health Therapist, personally providing a variety of clinical services utilizing a range of techniques and theoretical designs. In particular, he has extensive clinical experience working with addiction, borderline personality disorder, trauma, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

As a certified DBT-Linehan clinician Eric has demonstrated he has requisite knowledge and skills to deliver DBT with adherence to the model as developed by Dr. Linehan and her colleagues.

Eric loves to train and teach. He teaches workshops around the country for organizations and conferences. The workshops focus upon Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, culture-building, etc. Further, Eric is adjunct faculty for the University of Utah School of Social Work, where he teaches a variety of clinical and professional development courses.

Eric enjoys spending time with his family.  He likes exercising, reading, and learning.  He is an ardent SCUBA diver, traveling to relatively exciting places to dive.

Eric founded New Roads Behavioral Health, which primarily and uniquely serves clients with severe persistent mental illness, addiction, and personality disorders.  He is the Founder and Past President of the Utah Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. He also assists as a member of several national organizations for behavioral health, tirelessly advocating for clients on both the national and state levels.

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