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Dr. Tres Stefurak is an Associate Professor of Counseling Psychology and Chair of the Department of Counseling & Instructional Sciences at the University of South Alabama, where he also serves as core faculty in the Clinical & Counseling Psychology Ph.D. program. Dr. Stefurak has previously served as coordinator of the Clinical Mental Health Counseling master's program, as Director and Associate Director of Clinical Training for the Clinical & Counseling Psychology doctoral program, and as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychiatry teaching psychotherapy seminar to medical residents. He regularly teaches the doctoral course at USA in clinical supervision of mental health services, and supervises around 3,000 hours of psychological service delivered by graduate students at Mobile County juvenile court and the USA Psychological Clinic, and also keeps a private practice caseload focusing on parent-adolescent conflict, child and adolescent trauma and men's mental health issues.

He holds three degrees from the University of Georgia, a bachelor's in psychology, a masters in mental health counseling and a doctorate in counseling psychology. 

His areas of expertise are in the areas of juvenile justice, juvenile forensic psychology, psychological trauma in childhood and adolescence. His focus is both on the clinical response by health care professionals to at-risk adolescents, as well as systemic and policy issues within organizations that serve this youth.